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Burrington Primary School

What our parents say...

 ‘Thank goodness we moved our son to Burrington – we’ve got our happy little boy back.”

 “I feel it is a traditional village school which combines old fashioned values with a supportive and modern approach to teaching and allow the children to develop into mature, well balanced individuals who are confident in their own abilities and unique strengths.”

 “Our daughter has been extremely happy since starting school.  She loves learning and has come on massively in the last few terms.  Her teachers have been great at encouraging her but also at containing her exuberance.  The cups and certificates make the kids feel very important.”

 “The ethos and atmosphere of the school is great and we are delighted we chose Burrington – have to play down how great we think it is when talking to parents of kids at other local schools.”

 “When my children moved to an independent school for year 7 I couldn’t believe how far ahead of other children (coming from state and private junior schools) they were.”

 My child is very happy and relaxed at the school – she has been encouraged to develop her interests and has loved learning new things this year – she loves her class and her confidence has blossomed this year.”

 “Our daughters had a first-rate education at Burrington.  They have now moved on, and are more than holding their own in all subjects.  I ascribe this to the love of learning instilled in them by their teachers at Burrington.”

 “Burrington has a very caring ethos, where children’s wellbeing is always taken into account, and any issues are faced head-on before they can escalate.  I have nothing but praise for the place.”

 “You can spot ex-Burrington children here at Churchill Secondary; they are polite, courteous and confident, with wonderful attitudes.”

 “The informal concerts are great, they give the children an opportunity to express themselves musically.”

 “When my child first came to Burrington we were so worried as she is a very shy, reserved child, but we had no tears and she would gallop to the gate every morning.  I am so grateful to Miss Holden for making her first year so brilliant and so much fun.”

 “My daughter hates the weekends because she misses her friends so much.”

 “I was completely bowled over when invited to see the Egyptian Museum by Class 3.  Every child was so knowledgeable about their subject and able to talk completely unaided in a confident and eloquent manner.  I was very excited that my child one day may be able to do the same.”

 “When visiting the school I was shown around by two girls who were absolutely charming, and were able to answer all my questions in a confident manner.”

 "We are so very happy we have found this school.”

Of the nursery:

‘special place’

‘a preschool experience like Burrington is not only fun and fulfilling but actually aides and enhances their transition into school so brilliantly. ‘

‘We felt like we’d struck gold with Burrington and feel it’s too good a secret to keep !! ‘

‘Our son positively THRIVED within this unique and special environment.’

‘ a huge benefit to him starting school’