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Burrington Primary School


Welcome to the home of Oak Class

Oak Class is now a year 3,4 mixed age class taught by Mr Chambers-Smith. Our current home is the top classroom of Burrington School. 

This page was last updated in May 2022 - Our Summer Term Topic is:


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 What's on?

Oak Class had a visit from a Roman Centurion named Marcus last week. We had a brilliant time learning about life in the Roman Army and we enjoyed the chance to handle some real Roman Artefacts including his brilliant armour and weapons. Check it out!


   Key Information

P.E. and Sports:

At the moment, we are still asking children to come in to school dressed for P.E. and Sports in their P.E. kits. We put this system in place to reduce the spread of Covid in the community. Parents will be informed if this changes. 

P.E. is on a Monday afternoon

Sports is on a Friday afternoon


Spellings and Times Tables

Spellings are issued in paper form on a Friday and they are also uploaded to spellingframe.com for your child to log in and play games with.

We hope that children will spend some time looking at the spellings over the weekend ready to spend time looking at the spelling rule at school. You can play the games on spelling frame and also simply make a nightly habit of writing the spellings out. This can help memory retention and confidence!

We test the spellings on a Friday.

Please let us know if there are any questions or queries about your child's spellings.

Times tables are also learned in Oak Class. We suggest that you practice these often and your child to have an awareness of which times table they need to practice. In general, we learn times tables in an order. These are structured to begin with easier times table patterns and finish with harder ones. We also put similar tables like 3s and 6s next to each other in the order to facilitate the making of links between these two number patterns.

The order:

2 / 5 / 10  / 3 / 6 / 4 / 8 / 7 / 9 / 11 / 12


Your child will be reading books from our reading scheme that are phonetically decodable. This means your child will be able to read 95% of the words in this book with accuracy. 

We read with your child frequently in school and are continuously assessing your child and moving them onto new book bands as they make progress in their reading.


We ask that children read their phonetically decodable book 3 times at home.

1 - On the first time, your child will encounter any tricky words and begin to develop fluency.

2 - On the second read through, your child will be confidently blending the tricky words they encountered and be able to use them in the context of the story

3 - On the third read through, your child will be able to focus on enjoyment of the story through their developed fluency!


In addition to their phonetically appropriate book that is matched to their stage, they will also often have a sharing book this is a book from our school library. It is likely that this book will contain lots of new words and may need your support to be enjoyed. We encourage children to share new books with family and friends and enjoy these books at home and at school! When doing reading practice with your child, please use their other phonetically decodable book. However, these other library books make great choices for a bedtime story or simply enjoying with your child.