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Forest School

We are resilient, creative and independent learners.



Child showing mud craft


Forest School is held every week, all year round, with Cherry/Birch class as well as Year 2s. Other classes experience Forest School at various times during the school year and the mud kitchen is as popular with the nursery children as it is with the Year 6s!

Forest School encourages children to explore a wooded site or any natural space, where they are able to take supported risks, learn skills, use tools and light fires. It is child-led where children can make their own choices about their own learning. It offers children the opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences. It aims to promote the holistic development of all involved fostering.

We go out in all weathers and the children will get muddy! We have a fire where the children sit around particularly at snack time which may include popcorn, marshmallows, toast, fruit and juice, hot chocolate and of course water is always available. This allows them the time to socialise with their peers and to reflect on the activities they have done.

Dietary needs are catered for.

Forest School Handbook


 Autumn 2021/2022






 Autumn 2020


 All the children enjoy helping take resources down to the Forest School site.


 Whittling begins with potato peelers and the PTA have been very generous over the years in providing our wonderful shed and resources.


  Our tippy tap is an important addition to our sessions for hand washing.

Mud is an important part of Forest School, allowing the children to explore texture and the mud kitchen is very popular. Some of the children had spent the session building this water course. I promised them I would take a photo of it!

Some serious whittling going on here. 

Our popular mud kitchen.

More fun in the mud.

As part of the ethos of Forest School, the activities provided allow the children to chose how they use them. The emphasis is on child-led learning. 

 Autumn 2019








Andy Goldsworthy-inspired artwork by Maple class during

their Forest School session.