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The Federation of Burrington and Wrington Church Schools

Burrington Primary School After School Club Terms and Conditions

Burrington After School Club operates within the values and policies of the Federation of Burrington and Wrington Church Schools.

  1. Aims

Our aims:

  • to provide a high quality service which meets the needs of both parents/carers and children.
  • to provide for children an environment that is safe, supportive, encouraging, nurturing, a place to be with friends and make new ones, try out new activities, to relax, to have fun and enjoy.
  • to provide reliable and consistent quality after school child care.
  • to ensure that appropriate standards of behaviour, discipline and hygiene are maintained in line with the Federation.
  1. Sickness

Parents/carers must inform Burrington Primary After School Club if the child has any known medical condition or health problem or has been in contact with infectious diseases. A child must not be brought to Burrington Primary After School Club if unwell.

  1. Parents/carers authority

Welfare of the child: The parents/carers authorise Burrington Primary After School Club to take all necessary action to safeguard and promote the welfare of the child. Parents/carers consent to use such physical contact with children as may be lawful, appropriate and proper to provide comfort to a child in distress or to maintain safety and good order. Parents/carers consent also to emergency medical treatment, including surgery and/or general anaesthetic, if certified necessary by a doctor and if parents/carers cannot be contacted on the emergency numbers provided in time.

Absent Children: It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to sign their child out at the end of the session; children must be collected via the ASC door. Absent children will be followed up from the school’s class registers at the beginning of the school day. Parent/Carers must notify the school if their child is not going to attend After School Club, following their child being present in the school register.

Accidents: All accidents, that staff are made aware of, are documented in an accident book and reported to parents/carers.

Loss of property: Burrington Primary School After School Club will not be liable for loss of property brought onto the premises by parent/carer or child.

  1. Entry to Burrington Primary School After School Club

In the event of over subscription priority will be given to siblings of pupils already attending After School Club Registration:

  • Ad hoc Sessions - Once a completed Application Form and signed Terms and Conditions form has been returned to us, along with session prepayment, a child will be registered with our service and bookings for sessions may be made.
  • Regular sessions – These can be booked up to a half term in advance. Booking will open in the penultimate week of the preceding half term. Following receipt of an application form and signed terms and conditions, the parent/carer will be notified in writing if they have been successful in obtaining a place at the Burrington Primary School After School Club.

Booking a place:

  • Ad hoc Sessions – these must be requested in writing giving at least 2 days’ notice. The parent/carer’s account must be in credit before applying for an ad hoc session. The parent/carer will be notified whether a place is available as soon as possible after receiving the request for a place.
  • Regular sessions – On receipt of an application form the parent/carer will be advised via email* from the school’s email address, office@burringtonprimary.co.uk if a space is available.

Session Availability

The After School club will run from the end of the school day to 5.30pm five days per week.

There will be no sessions

  • during school holidays
  • on the last day of the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms
  • INSET days.

There may be occasional additional circumstances when the club is unable to run. Parents and carers will be given as much notice as possible and fees for that session will be refunded.

  1. Fees
  • Parent/carers that choose to use the club on an ad hoc basis must ensure that their ParentPay account is in credit. Sessions will not be allocated if funds are not available.
  • Payment should be made in advance of a session being taken
  • Each after school session is charged at £11
  • Fees will not be charged for pre-booked regular sessions if 5 days’ notice is given for a child to miss a session.
  • No refund will be given if the child is absent from ad hoc booked sessions.
  • No refund will be given for sessions only part attended.
  • No partial refund will be given if a child leaves before having food.
  • If the school closes the After School Club due to unforeseen circumstances parent/carers will not be charged for these sessions.
  • Fees will not be charged if a pupil is unable to attend After School Club as a result of being on a residential or extended hours trip organised by Burrington Primary School.
  • Fees are the responsibility of the person who signed the Terms and Conditions form or who has parental responsibility for the child.
  • A fee of £10 will be charged, for each quarter of an hour, that a child is picked up late from the After School Club. Persistent lateness will result in the After School place being withdrawn.

Standard terms and conditions: Reasonable changes may be made from time to time to these standard terms and conditions and to the level of fees.

  1. Cancellation and removal

Termination of the Contract:

  • Ad hoc Sessions - If parent/carers are told that their requested sessions are available but they choose not to send their child, a charge will still be made.
  • Regular sessions – One month’s written notice must be given to cancel a child’s place at After School Club. Unless permanently cancelling a place, then sessions allocated to a child must be paid for in full. A child may miss a session uncharged with 5 days’ notice.
  • A child will leave Burrington Primary After School Club when she/he leaves Burrington Primary School.

Removal: Parents/carers may be required to remove the child temporarily or permanently if the conduct of the child is unacceptable and it appears to the ASC leader that the continued presence of the child is incompatible with the interests of Burrington Primary After School Club. There would be no refund of fees in these circumstances.

  1. General Conditions

Disclosures:  The After School leader must be notified in writing immediately of any changes in contact details or family situations, Court Orders or situations of risk in relation to the child for which any special precautions may be needed.

Child Protection: The After School Leader has a duty to report any significant concerns s/he might have about the safety/well-being of a child to the Designated Safeguarding leader in the school.

Confidentiality: Parents/carers agree to inform Burrington Primary After School Club of any information necessary to safeguard or promote their child’s welfare or avert the risk of harm to their child or other person. Burrington Primary staff will be informed of sensitive issues concerning the child on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.

 Learning/Physical Difficulties: Parents/carers should notify Burrington Primary After School Club of any problems that may occur due to learning/physical disabilities.

Equal Treatment: Burrington Primary After School Club welcomes all children and all children are treated equally. Burrington Primary After School Club will comply with the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 and will do all that is reasonable to accommodate the needs of children with disabilities.

Discipline: The parents/carers hereby confirm that they accept the authority of the After School Club leader and staff to take all reasonable disciplinary or preventative action necessary to safeguard and promote the welfare of each child and the Burrington Primary After School Club community in line with the Federation Behaviour Policy.

Severe weather: In the event of Burrington Primary After School Club’s closure due to severe weather parents/carers will be informed via the school website and via the email system. A refund of session fees would be made under these circumstances.

Insurances: Burrington Primary School After School Club undertakes to maintain those insurances which are prescribed by law. The Burrington Primary After School Club is covered by the school’s insurance.

Complaints: Parents/carers who have cause for complaint in relation to any matters of quality, safety or care must inform the school. The Complaints Policy is available from the school office and the school website.

Waiver: Any waiver of these terms and conditions is only effective if given in writing by and on behalf of the Headteacher. Jurisdiction: This contract was made solely with Burrington Primary After School Club overseen by Burrington Primary School.

*or letter if email not available


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